"O'Leary has all the makings of a major star, and there's ample reason to suggest she may achieve that status sooner rather than later. Let's hope so."
- No Depression
"Probably without trying to do so, this group has managed to put out a soundtrack for an indie film that has yet to be made.The songs on this disc have that same listless, yet wistful tone that captures the lighthearted grittiness found in so many movies of that genre. It swings between every pace of the human condition."
- Innocent Words Magazine 
"Her musical influences--the Beatles, Morrissey, Elvis Costello--are diverse but share a keen pop songwriting ability. That same skill comes across clearly in her music, performed with passion and real talent. It's pop music done the way pop music used to be--perhaps the way it ought to be." 
Ann Arbor Observer
"Heartspace Timepiece is the result of work put in during one of the most difficult times of the band members’ lives. O'Leary croons  among barbed guitars, but her sweet-sounding voice — even if it is tinged with a bit of a Liz Phair drawl — makes for a very catchy contrast." 
- Michigan Daily

"An underground classic" 
- Amped Sounds
"A shining example of what pop music should be"
- Crooked Line Reviews


"Themes of break-up, betrayal, and moving on permeate every song like teardrops in a tattered tissue. O'Leary achieves the highest measure of success that a songwriter can strive for."
- Aside/Bside


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2/1/12: First Beatles Q&A with new guitarist Jimmy Sindelar is now up!


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